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Our Services

P.J. DeVries Construction Ltd. is experienced in all aspects of residential and commercial construction. With over 30 years experience, our custom home services can provide you with all phases of your home design or renovation, from consulting to designing and construction. We are able to provide you with kitchen and bathroom renovations, where old is transformed to new life with our artistic vision and gifted tradesmen and apprentices. Furniture and cabinetry are custom made to grace your home. We also provide hardwood flooring and tile applications to your specifications, and hand made stairways and fireplaces designed to your dreams. P.J. DeVries Construction Ltd. in house services also include drywalling and we are fully equipped with a mobile workshop and woodworking shop.

We provide a safe, clean and professional working environment and employ qualified tradesmen, apprentices and labourers for all our construction projects. Our staff list currently boasts 7 Journeymen carpenters with experience in all aspects of construction from 5 to 30 years, 1st to 3rd year apprentices and experienced personnel in furniture making, tile setting and millwork. We have excellent long-standing relationships with our other sub trades.
Name Title Experience
Pete DeVries Journeyman 39 years
Randy Norrish Journeyman 33 years
Randy DeVries Journeyman 15 years
Jack Vanderschaff Journeyman 13 years
Carl Vardon Journeyman 13 years
Tim Riguedell Journeyman   8 years
Geordan Stickland 2nd Year  Apprentice   2 years
Matt Chambers 2nd Year  Apprentice   2 years
Allan Clear Apprentice  
Combined Experience:  125 years

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