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The Coastal Architectural Style emerged from design and construction requirements in seaside settings. Tidewater homes have been adorning coastlines even before the 1800s, designed for either hot or wet climates. Hot sun, wind, sand and ocean waters can wreak havoc on the homes’ exteriors so practical builders of the past chose accessible materials and methods that would stand up to the elements. Local stone and stained horizontal timber boards hinted at traditional boat construction and fisherman’s huts, inspired by the industrious communities along the coastlines.

Beachhouse Architectural Style Coastal Homes

Low maintenance was a given for seaside residents in the demanding fishing industry, allowing exposure of the homes to the elements. In modern beach style homes, unfinished wood that has weathered naturally to a charming silver colour has a nautical feel to it and can be used for cladding, joinery, decking and posts. Copper rooftops eventually patina to beautiful shades of green and blue reminiscent of the ocean, thanks to mother nature. The waterfront view side of the home receives the most wind exposure so well designed and sealed windows are a must. Attention to windows of the home is evident in both function and beauty, with multi-pane styles in a variety of shapes used generously in the homes’ design.

Unique architecture defines many homes in the coastal style. A beach house situated on an ocean front building lot will feature a foundation built on stilts to avoid flooding damage. Tidewater homes offer a main living area raised in one level and eclectic wood porches with wide eaves designed for an expansive view of the glorious sand and sea.

Tidewater Homes Seaside Homes

Inside the coastal home, you will find an open open & airy layout seamlessly connected to the natural environment outside. The beachhouse architectural style is designed for outdoor living as much as it is for it’s indoor spaces. Folding glass accordion doors open to a large waterfront deck and expansive windows bring sunlight and outdoor views inside. Summer kitchens are are a popular building feature and outdoor kitchens are enjoyed year round in temperature climates.

Light coloured woods and stones are built into the beach house, with shiplap walls or whitewashed planked ceilings. Ceiling architectures vary from flat to gabled and can feature embellishments like coffered detailing. Typically, monochromatic tones are used to seamlessly flow ceilings into the walls in shades of whites, ivories or light greys. Custom milled white cabinetry and bright glossed tiles are classic features in the coastal kitchen and are chosen to visually expand the spaces. Wood floors embrace the coastal theme in driftwood tones of whites, greys and tans. Lightly shaded large grey stones are laid flatly into the fireplace hearth and bamboo blinds naturalize the windows throughout the home. Sisal area rugs and rattan furniture compliment the built-in structures of the beach house style.

Tidewater Homes Seaside Homes

Cozy, soothing atmospheres are created with easy, breezy color palettes mimicking the sea and surf. Shades of blue or light green merge beautifully with sea grass and sandy tones, as they do in natural seaside settings. Corals and other vibrant deep sea tones are included in measured doses inside; boldly on a feature wall or subtly with lighting fixtures or small decor flourishes. Nautical touches are used sparingly in the classically styled beachhouse, with stripes, anchors or seashells giving a subtle nod to the Navy or sea.

You don’t need to own an ocean front lot to benefit from the wonderful architecture and airy feel of the coastal house style. Ask your home builder about making the beachhouse style a natural for your lakeside cottage or primary, suburban residence. Bring the vacation into your home 24/7 with this beautiful, fresh and relaxed architectural style.

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