Country style homes are diverse but defined by their charming, rural American character dating back centuries. Country farmhouses themselves developed out of need in the large acreages of traditional farming communities across America in the 18th and 19th century, and Country architecture is typified by spaciousness and a farm-like quality, often featuring grand wraparound porches, light, airy colours and single-story floor plans. Modern Country homes are enjoying renewed popularity, and home builders have adapted the style to suit a variety of tastes and preferences.

The traditional Country home is a favourite for its relaxed, casual style and integration with outdoor living

Traditional Country homes tend to feature large, family-oriented designs with the ability to travel from room to room without having to see the entire home at once, often making use of their iconic wraparound porches to navigate and enjoy their relaxing outdoor atmosphere. Grand window views, roof dormers and gables typify and add to the space and charm of the pastoral style. Often garages are detached to enhance the exterior views even further. Wood and wood sidings are employed as the material of choice, giving a naturalistic effect. Old-fashioned elegance is the key; the design is casual and simpler in nature, with a focus on providing all amenities on a single floor. Country kitchens are centrally important, featuring large designs suitable for cooking, dining and socializing with family and friends in comfort and relaxation.

Today, contemporary Country homes can offer these features with the benefits of modern home building. The sprawling layouts of many Country homes offer many opportunities for renovators and home builders, and expansions and additional rooms are common. Basements are one option, providing space for entertaining, additional bedrooms or storage, and are ideal for long-term investment. The traditionally smaller second floor may also feature more prominently, either by design or by converting preexisting roof space for even more space, including lofts and additional amenities. Additionally, a popular choice for the modern Country house is an open floor plan which provides unobstructed views across the main floor, in contrast to traditionally separate, cozier rooms. Either approach can be employed by your home builder based on personal tastes and preferences.

Modern Country homes offer so much beauty, function and architectural interest

Lastly, an accentuation of Country homes can be found in fusion with American Gothic architecture. Architecture of this style dates well back into the 19th century, originally inspired by the iconic Victorian mansions of England and spanning across North America, particularly near the East Coast where the trans-Atlantic influence was most in vogue. Often these character homes feature vibrant primary colors of reds, blues, yellows or greens with white or cream used for highlighting on trimmings and edge work. Frequently the trimmings, such as railings, banisters or columns sport filigree accents and carving for a more opulent, romantic effect. The overall effect is one of generous decorative beauty. Ask your renovator or home builder about the best options to achieve this to your budget and tastes.

Gothic Victorian homes are a romantic, dramatic and aesthetically gorgeous variation of the country architectural home style

Much like other styles available at DeVries Construction, Country architecture is rich in history and tradition, but equally adaptable and relevant to the needs and desires of today’s home owners. Airy, inviting and evocative of a quaint Americana, it’s easy to choose a classic like Country.

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